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Welcome to RotoSpa

These fantastic affordable hot tubs are British made. They are made from Duralon therefore not only around half the weight of equivalent acrylic and fibreglass spas, but many times tougher and with excellent heat and noise insulation qualities. Being the same material all the way through it also can't suffer from delaminating and osmosis problems. The granite look finish is not only attractive and easy to clean but is chemically resistant and UV stable.


Invest and improve your health, fitness and well being and introduce a touch of luxury and recreation to your lifestyle.

Slip into a steamy, bubbling hot tub for your daily dose of calm and speed the repair process after a strenuous workout. You'll find this routine will relieve stress and help you sleep better. Hydrotherapy also has a variety of benefits for those of us who have muscle sprains and injuries and arthritis. It provides relaxation, detoxification and improved circulation.


So have a look at the range and decide what Tub fits your needs and contact us.